Saturday, September 22, 2012

My sister has passed away 9/21/2012

This is Jayson Flint @jaysonflint, on Friday we discovered that my sister passed away.  While we know her life was beautiful we are sadden that she is gone, but enlighten that her life touched so many.   She was connected to so many people and touched so many lives.  She lived and loved and we know she has gone on to Glory.  She lived a Simply Positive life, and wished others the same.  Thank You

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wyclef Jean dishes on Fugees in autobiography

READ STORY HERE ->Wyclef Jean dishes on Fugees in autobiography via AJC
See what he dishes about in this story which includes a video clip. The Fugees took the world by storm and had some hip hits. Wyclef Jean has done some fine work through his charity work. The video below is a fave!

Paparazzi Spotlight

I have been reading the coverage of the photos taken of Will and Kate during their recent vacation. The Royal couple was staying at another members home when a paparazzi photographer snagged some topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge. The latest read was that the Royal family has asked the lawyers to look into the whole thing and ask the magazine to remove photos published.

There is no doubt the life of a celebrity or in this case a Royal couple has to be extremely hard living day to day with cameras following you around literally all day. The minute you step out the door from home or are out and about, the cameras are snapping. Simply walking their new puppy caught snapshots of the couple, but I guess it comes with the paparazzi spotlight.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hip Collaboration at Daryl Hall's House

A hip collaboration with Daryl Hall and Cee Lo Green. You may know that Daryl Hall records some of the Hall and Oates jams with other singers at his house.This is a good one!

MNF is Monday Motivation

OK, I know my readers must be thinking, really. For those who aren't hip to the sports lingo, MNF stands for "Monday Night Football." Tonight's game will be the Atlanta Falcons vs Denver Broncos at the Georgia Dome. The ATL will be all the buzz.

Well, football isn't the only motivation today. Some of you may be starting a new job or work project with a team of workers. If you work from home, maybe you snagged a new client. If so, congratulations. It's an exciting day and week ahead. It's lunchtime and I wonder what's inside your brown bag lunch. I'm sure it's something nutritious!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban Named New 'Idol' Judges

WATCH HERE ->Check out this great MSN video - Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban Named New 'Idol' Judges
It's all the buzz around 'American Idol' with some new judges that will also include Randy Jackson who was rumored to be leaving the show. Plus, singer Mariah Carey is joining on. Tonight's show should really be something!

McDonald's Coffee & Catch Up

Good Sunday and I'm making my way to watering the houseplants. It takes half the day and I could use some good McDonald's coffee right about now. The forecast is calling for some rain today. You know I like those Private Quarters featured in our local newspaper. Here's another one and I especially like the kitchen,  closet, and the patio with greenery getting some sun. There are pops of color around the home.

Spaghetti Meal
A spaghetti dinner sure sounds delicious and easy to prepare, that's an idea. for dinner. A little catch up of junk mail both the paper kind and some that has landed in my spam folder. It's a good day to organize them both. Have a nice day!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello Weekend

Hello blog readers, what's the weekend like so far? My appetite has been way off and I have a taste for Waffle House breakfast even though it's lunch. Although you can order anything at anytime at that place.

Another beautiful day to be out and about. Is that where you will be today or watching some college football games? Either way, have a fun day!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Cuz!

It's my cousins birthday today who lives in Arizona. He is a big Temptations fan and this is one of their big hits. Actually, my cousin sang as one of the Temps after the band dissolved and would make appearances. He has a very deep voice and would sing the parts of that singer. You will recognize it in this song. I posted this video over on Facebook where I know he reads the posts on my wall so he should see it. Happy Birthday Cuz!

TGIF ~ A Mind of It's Own

It's after lunch on Friday and I won't even ask myself where the morning went. It's cool though and there are times when TGIF just takes on a mind of it's own;-) I am enjoying a good cup of tea and the sun is out. I wasn't sure if it was going to make it.

I hope your to-do list is short and sweet. I forgot to mention that the Dave Matthews Band has a new album out this week called "Away From the World." The 11-track album is good ~check it out on AOL Music. There are plenty of other new releases this week so have a good listen to some others.

Let me mention that my brother is taking classes at a community college in Orlando, FL. He just started this fall and seems excited to be back on campus. He's very tech-savvy and I hope he doesn't mind me writing that he's in-between jobs right now. Although he had a temp help desk position that lasted for quite awhile. I tell you what, the job market is still tough. He's on the right track and is moving forward in a positive way.

Have a good TGIF and weekend coming up!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Filming in Scandinavia

I have been watching this new series on PBS called Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh. It airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. on Masterpiece Theater. Here, the star talks about filming the series in Scandinavia which I think would be fascinating.

Fantastic Google Doodle

I have been drinking Lipton tea these last couple of days. I forgot to pick up instant coffee. Actually I like the tea with a little bit of creamer. The morning has been very quiet and not even much chirping from the birds. I think today the lawn service comes out to cut the property so after lunch might be louder.

You all know how much I enjoy classical music, so I was surprised at the Google Doodle today in honor of Victorian pianist Clara Schumann's 193rd birthday. She was married to another classical composer, Robert Alexander Schumann who was very successful. Listen to some wonderful classical music each weekday morning on Second Cup Concert from 9 a.m. until noon on Atlanta radio with host Lois Reitzes. It streams live on the WABE 90.1 FM website and it's simply fantastic!

"Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them?" ~Clara Schumann

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Miguel's Hip Track

 Oh Happy Day and that's just what I hope you are having. I had some articles to write and just finished one. I took a few minutes to dash over my favorite music site Singersroom to check out the music and news. You can bet there was plenty going on like this hip track by Miguel featuring Wiz Khalifa called "Adorn" which is a new single Remix. I dig it!

Baby buzz roars after Will says he wants two kids

READ STORY HERE ->Baby buzz roars after Will says he wants two kids via USAToday
I think the world will be on baby watch of Will and Kate for awhile. It seems just the mention of kids when asked by the press or fans brings out the buzz. I think two kids would be ideal for the couple. For now, the young couple are enjoying their new life together. Plus, Will is busy with his search and rescue work and Kate's duties representing the royal family.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Young Man's Guide to Geezer Style

SLIDESHOW IS HERE ->The Young Man's Guide to Geezer Style:
Let GQ show the young men how to wear this style. The fellas are probably already thinking of an "old man's" look. Also, there is a video included that shows how to pull off the 'Geezer Style' so make sure to check that out.

Remembering 9/11

Today marks 11 years of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, The Pentagon in Washington, DC and Flight 93 that slammed into the ground in Pennsylvania killing all on board. There were many victims who lost their lives that day and every year it must be a hard time for loved ones not just on 9/11, but everyday.

There were so many heroes that day from the firefighters and police who climbed stairs to rescue trapped workers in the World Trade Center. Also, the group of  guys who tried to take the plane back from the terrorists without success. The efforts will forever be remembered.

The nation will never forget. God bless the United States of America!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Let the Singing Begin

I see where the popular reality show 'The Voice' begins its 3rd season starting tonight. The video clip with the four judges is pretty cool and I bet the contestants can't wait to take center stage and motivate the judges with their singing talents. If you are a fan of The Voice, enjoy the show tonight and all season long.

Healthy Tip of the Day

Good Monday and there was a nip of fall in the morning air. I turned off the ceilings fans overnight because they really twirl the coolness around the room. It's a gorgeous start to the day and week. While picking up a small batch of bananas at the grocery yesterday, I snagged a good deal on red, white & black grapes on sale this week at Ingles for $1.28/lb. They are crunchy good!

Here's the  Healthy Tip of the Day ->Take advantage of reduced prices on summer fruits as the selections start to dwindle over the next few weeks. Enjoy the healthy bites of watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes for a little while longer.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Talking Tech with Ron Howard

This is a great talk with Director Ron Howard on USAToday. The full story can be read here about a new venture he is undertaking. The Director is judging photo contests and the up & comers should be excited to learn from someone with a keen eye behind the camera.

Women business owners see gains

READ ARTICLE HERE ->Women business owners see gains via
A good article that shows women business owners are seeing gains and making strides. I think a lot of women started their own business when the economy went through a rough patch especially for those did not bounce back with a new job.

I know this is Sunday and the workweek hasn't begun, but this read is encouraging and women have to keep moving forward. I imagine the lady in the photo to be jet setting off on a business trip come Monday. Or maybe me one of these days!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday Night at the Movies - The Big Steal (1949)

NOW PLAYING ->The Big Steal (1949) via Classic Cinema Online
A good pick starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. This looks like a movie with intrigue and suspense. The picture quality is superb in black & white.  Don't forget the popcorn and enjoy!

Music, Sports, Subs & Blog Readers

The week was busy and I missed getting the chance to listen to the new album by Matchbox Twenty. The title of the new album is North. I'm listening to it on AOL Music where listeners can hear full albums for free. The lead singer of the band, Rob Thomas is my favorite and he's had a successful solo music career. This new album is the best ~listen to it!

With college back in session, the afternoon football games fill the TV channels especially on Saturday. It's a great day to cheer on your favorite teams. Don't forget to order up foot long sub sandwiches and a bag of chips.

Thanks to my blog readers for stopping by this week and anytime really. It's a joy to see where the viewers come from like the U.S., Russia, Philippines, United Kingdom, India, and South Korea to name a few. It's fascinating and energizes me to post good content.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Inspiring Story at the Paralympics Games

An inspiring story of a runner in the 2012 London Paralympics Games. A special athlete who did not let his physical limitations stop him from competing and winning.

Lovely Day

It's a lovely day in Atlanta and no reason to wait on the sunshine, it fills the sky. I'm humming the hit song by Bill Withers after giving this blog post its title;-) I am listening to one of my favorite Atlanta radio stations that plays classical music from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., WABE 90.1 FM which plays a variety of programs all morning into the afternoon. I've mentioned this station before, but wanted to showcase it again. City Cafe' with host John Lemley is coming up next at noon so tune in as the station streams live online.

As I was looking around for interesting stories that I might share in the post, I came across this one from the NPR website on their Planet Money page. It's about a man that makes beautiful suits, but he can't afford to buy one. Check out the story here and I think you will agree that he has a unique talent indeed.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Fashion Preview ~ Prints

It looks like prints especially Paisley will be popular this fall. Here are some styles by Vera Bradley that look nice and bright.

Five tips for fitting it all in a carry-on bag

READ TIPS HERE ->Five tips for fitting it all in a carry-on bag -
Autumn Leafs
Great tips in this read. The fall season is another popular travel time especially to watch the leaves change. Check out ways to cut the carry-on bag prices if that travel takes you out-of-town.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rockin' Care Package from Mom

My mom sent me a care package that arrived today with some rockin' tanks, a neon green Ralph Lauren v-neck shirt with a bright orange RL emblem on it, and a pair of Ariha jean shorts in white. She bought them for herself at the Goodwill's 50% off sale, but they didn't fit.

The black tank top has a sparkly design on it and will look sexy at a cookout, night out with friends or date night ~gotta work on the latter;-) Anyway, I'm about to call my mom to tell her everything fits perfectly and to thank her for sending it to me.

I have the black tank top on and the shorts now rockin' to this Joan Jett & The Blackhearts jam, "You Drive Me Wild." I should get a few wears out of all of them all before the temps cool down.

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Last night while watching First Lady Michelle Obama, I was so impressed with how fit she looked. We all pretty much love her shapely shoulders and she has put forward a lot with the 'Let's Move' initiative along with Second Lady Jill Biden and a host of White House staffers. The promotion for healthy eating and encouraging more exercise for children is a great initiative that really took off.

In my opinion, the First Lady gave a wonderful speech full of energy and inspiration last night at the Democratic National Convention. I'm sure the White House garden yielded some fresh veggies and fruits this season that made it to the dinner table for the First Family.

The President has proclaimed September 2012 as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month to promote healthy living for our children.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fashion's Night Out

This is a neat video showcasing "Fashion's Night Out" turning 4 on September 6th! You probably noticed some familiar faces in the video clip ~Taylor Swift, Usher, and Justin Bieber to name a few. NBA star Dwayne Wade signed his memoir at Calvin Klein's flagship store on Madison Avenue recently.

Check out all the happenings on the website for Fashion's Night Out. Plus, look for FNO Highlights of the Day leading up to the big event on September 6th by checking the Vogue website daily!

Back to Tuesday Tidbits

Hello everybody, OK so now we can crank up the to-do list and rock it during this short week. We can also get back to some Tuesday Tidbits. By the way, were you surprised at the co-host announcement on the Kelly Ripa Show this morning? I actually don't watch the show, but might tune in on occasion now that it was revealed that Michael Strahan will be the new co-host.

I like Michael's positive energy vibe and think the two of them will work well together. Here's the story about it from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Democratic National Convention starts today in Charlotte, NC. First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver a speech tonight. CNN has a great gallery of photos taken while out and about around the DNC so far which are nice.

You all know I enjoy eating healthy, but have never pushed the organic foods at the grocery store or market. For one, the prices are usually higher and I just can't tell much difference. Well, this story in USAToday on research between organic and regular produce found no big difference. I think it's a trend people got into, but it's still a hard sell given the high costs for organic.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Atlanta's New Radio Station

Check out Atlanta's new hit music station Power 96.1 on the FM dial. The station just premiered late last week and is already making a splash in the city.

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54

READ STORY HERE ->Actor Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54 via AJC
Sad news on his death. He suffered a heart attack in July and was resuscitated by his girlfriend at that time. One of Michael Clarke Duncan's memorable roles was in the "Green Mile" which Tom Hanks also starred. He was a talented actor and will truly be missed.

Grilling Tip on Labor Day

We can give that to-do list a break today:-) Are the grills getting ready for all the food planned for cooking? Here's a grilling tip to keep in mind:

With all the raw meats you might handle today, always wash your hands after handling them. Also, remember to use different cutting boards and make sure to wash them with soapy water in-between use before cutting meats, veggies or fruits to avoid cross-contamination.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jay-Z kicks off Made in America festival

CHECK IT OUT ->Jay-Z kicks off Made in America festival –
It looks like Day 1 of the festival was hip and rocked. I know the fans are loving the fest and I would have loved to see neo-soul artist Janelle Monae do her thang.

If you snagged tickets to this festival, there will be plenty of music, people, and a hip vibe throughout the venue. One of these days I hope to see Jay-Z in concert. I missed when he and Kanye West were touring earlier this summer and came through Atlanta.

Well, I just jumped on my blog for a few minutes. I'm getting ready to munch on a PB&J sandwich and fresh orange. I have got to get back to the store tomorrow and pick up a few more of those oranges because they are really good. Night, Night!

Labor Day Sunday

Just a short hello to wish everybody a Labor Day Sunday afternoon. After that chili craving, I'm wondering what's for dinner today. I'm sure the grills will be cranking up today so bring your appetite with you.

Keep the music playing all around the radio stations either in Atlanta or your city. Enjoy a sweet sunny day!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alicia Keys, Brandy Reveal Album Artwork

SEE COVERS HERE ->News | Alicia Keys, Brandy Reveal Album Artwork | Singersroom
Both album covers are nice, but Brandy's sizzles just a little bit more. I got the chance to see the 'Blue Moon' last night that was all the buzz around the internet yesterday. I almost forgot and was closing the blinds and looked up in the sky and there it was as bright as ever.

There was a tint of blue on the blinds which revealed that this truly was a Blue Moon. Here is one of Brandy's music videos that I really like called "Full Moon" ~still perfect the next night, it's so Hip!

Weird Tastebuds Call for Chili

Happy Labor Day Weekend and a new month kicks off. I didn't realize it was noon until I heard the old school music theme song playing on the radio which means the program is going off. It's a beautiful Saturday and it looks like neighbors have company given the cars in the driveway and parked on the street.

I had weird taste buds last night and wanted chili so while at the grocery store, I picked up a can. Then for dinner, I made a nacho salad by placing tortilla chips, lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl and put spoonfuls of chili on top. It was yummy and I may just have a bowl this time with saltine crackers. I'm getting hungry;-)

Chili Cheese Dog
When you think of chili, the cooler season is usually around but you can also have a bowl anytime or a chili dog. I know there will be plenty of grilling going on which will include hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill this Labor Day. Spice up that dog with chili spread from one end of the bun to the next.

Friday, August 31, 2012

ATL is a Happening Place

I hope everybody is having a really nice Friday. Its absolutely gorgeous in Atlanta and I was just listening to the traffic report on the interstates around the city. There will be lots of activities going on from both the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech playing college football games, Dragon-Con, Black Gay Pride Festival, and the Decatur Book Festival which is a big draw for the City of Decatur.

There will be a parade on Saturday for the Dragon-Con event and participants never disappoint with their outfits. Our local paper already has some photos of Sci-fi fans who have arrived in town for the event. I just love their enthusiasm and creativity with the costumes.

So what's happening on your Friday night? Any out-of-town guests for the Labor Day weekend? The temps are on the rise and it's humid so get ready to dress for the occasion when heading out. You will be doing a lot of walking so remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Robin Roberts makes it home for mother's passing

READ STORY HERE ->Robin Roberts makes it home for mother's passing via USAToday

This is such sad news on the passing of the Good Morning America co-hosts mother. Robin Roberts just said her goodbyes to viewers on GMA yesterday as she is about to take an extended medical leave. Robin arrived back home in Louisiana given the flooding from Hurricane Isaac that hit the area before her mom passed away. Robin Roberts will undergo a bone marrow transplant soon and her sister will be the donor.

They have a strong family unit and will definitely rely on each other during this loss and Robin's upcoming medical procedures. Let's keep Robin and her family in our thoughts and prayers as they deal with all that is happening in their lives.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Short Clip ~ Downton Abbey Season 3

I couldn't resist posting this very short clip from Season 3 of Downton Abbey. From it, I can already tell that the characters played by Maggie Smith and new addition Shirley MacLaine will be interesting. The new season begins in January 2013.

Cat and Her Kittens

Purrfect Day
The gas prices were $3.94 yesterday, Yikes. I didn't stop to get any which I needed. Was I hoping the prices might dip a few pennies? Probably so. With the Labor Day holiday travel coming up, who knows what they will be over the next few days.

As you know, my backyard seems to the place all the critters like to hang out. There is a element of privacy and after adding the fencing, it's a cool place for me too;-) Of course, the wide-variety of birds are a joy from cardinals, wrens, sparrows, robins, and those Mourning Doves.

There has been a stray cat that hangs out in the yard and sips water and nibbles on the "day old bread" thrown out in the yard. Yesterday evening I saw the cat and with her were three kittens. They romped around the yard in a playful manner and I quietly watched them from the kitchen window. The evening turned darker and I don't know how long they stayed, but were gone this morning.

I wonder if the mother cat and her cute little kittens which are black will be back. I'll have to wait and see. I love nature and it brings a smile to my face when a new creature appears.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remembering MJ's 54th Birthday

Today would have been the 54th birthday for Michael Jackson. The Atlanta radio stations have been playing a lot of his songs all day. Here is one of my favorites and I just adore that red leather jacket. The video has some great dance moves. I remember the video premiere on MTV or BET back when those stations played more music videos. Now it's all about reality shows.

Thoughts for the Gulf Coast Residents

Just wanted to send a short post of thoughts and prayers to the folks in the Gulf Coast region. On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans and surrounding regions on this day in 2005 was devastating. I am sure the residents and officials are feeling the anxiety of what Hurricane Isaac may bring.

The Army Corps of Engineers spent a lot time and money working on the levees to make sure they will hold and keep the water out. Hang tough and hopefully Hurricane Isaac will be gone soon and not leave a lot of damage.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Curiosity beams new song from Mars

CLICK TO READ ABOUT IT ->Curiosity beams new song from Mars via MSN

Cool stuff and a short clip of the song is included in this read. I like and he's always on the cutting edge in his music and collaborations. Beam me up!

Test-Driving the Nike FuelBand

SEE IT HERE ->Fighting Weight: Test-Driving the Nike FuelBand The Rest of Your Life:
This Nike FuelBand sure sounds nifty gadget for encouraging exercise. The GQ writer gives it a good review after wearing the FuelBand for a month. It sounds like just the motivation someone may need to get up and get moving.

Monday, August 27, 2012

NeNe Leakes unveils her Nethia shoe

SEE MORE PICS HERE ->Gallery | NeNe Leakes unveils her Nethia shoe |
Check out the new shoe designed by one the "Real Housewives of Atlanta," NeNe Leaks. I heard she was working on a new shoe line and launched it recently. Now only if I could learn to walk in them;-)

Savings Tip of the Day

Happy Monday everyone and a new day and week ahead for us. So what's in the brown bag lunch today? Don't forget to clip some coupons from Sunday's paper to find some delicious ways to kick up your lunch. Plus, the kids will enjoy healthy buys on snacks. They say Hurricane Isaac might drive gas prices up so it's always good to find other ways to save money. Here's to a great week!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lovely Sunday Night

All their collaborations were so nice and this one is too. While looking around for a song to post as the weekend wraps up, I knew BeBe and CeCe Winans was a sure bet and to find a great song featuring Whitney Houston was even more fantastic. Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday night.

Now Playing: I Love Lucy: The Movie (1953)

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ->I Love Lucy: The Movie (1953) via Classic Cinema Online
A Sunday afternoon movie sure sounds like a nice way to spend the day. I used to watch the 'I Love Lucy' show and all the antics she would get herself and landlord Ethel Mertz into with her. The show was a hoot and I always thought Desi Arnaz who played Ricky Ricardo was dreamy.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Astronaut Neil Armstrong dies at age 82

READ STORY HERE ->Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to walk on moon, dies at age 82 via NBC
One small step for mankind that will be remembered forever on the day he walked on the moon. This is great coverage by NBC that includes  video from people who recalled the day Armstrong walked on the moon and the man in general.

Weekend Fun ~ BFF's, Bargains & Fido

The clock is nearing noon on a gorgeous ATL Saturday. It looks like the sun will dominate the skies, but I did hear pop up showers for some areas. I don't think it will dampen outdoor activities. Call your BFF's and see what's on their schedule and plan a meet up.

A stop by the local consignment or thrift store might be a good idea to check on any bargains. It won't be long if not already that the fall clothes start hitting the racks. Get yourself a Labor Day weekend outfit to top off the summer. You will look adorable at the next cookout.

No grocery store run today is nice. When you get home from your day out, grab the leash and take Fido on a long walk. They will love the attention and exercise.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ciara Shows Off Sexy Bikini Body During "Sorry" Shoot

SEE PHOTOS HERE ->Photos | Ciara Shows Off Sexy Bikini Body During "Sorry" Shoot | Singersroom
My Oh My, Ciara is in super shape for the new single video shoot. I dig the black bikini and leather jacket she's wearing. It's sexy to see a woman not bone thin, but looking fit and fabulous like Ciara. I can't wait to watch the video!

Nice Friday Vibe

My Friday is off to a nice vibe, how about yours?. For starters, I just switched to a different radio station from classical music to WRFG 89.3 FM. I just felt like a change and the new station has a 'Good Morning Blues' program from 6-10 a.m. with traditional and contemporary blues on the turntables.

Then at 10 a.m., the station plays a good vibe of music on 'Soul Rhapsody'. The station streams live online so visit the WRFG 89.3 FM website and check out other programming throughout the day. The fun thing about listening to the radio is the different genres around the radio dials.

Well on that note, let me wrap up this post. Oh, I almost forgot that the country duo Sugarland was in concert last night in Atlanta. Some of you may know that the lead singer is pregnant, but you could not tell in the outfits. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a great gallery of photos from the concert that you can view.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Energy-Efficient Tidbit


Save some dollars on the electric bill by raising the windows both downstairs and upstairs to let in natural air on a day with pleasant temps. Turn the A/C setting up so that it doesn't kick on if the temps in the house are descent. It will save on the A/C and every little bit helps. I like the energy-efficient aspect too!

Morris Brown College on the brink

With foreclosure looming Morris Brown College on the brink  |
One of Atlanta's historically black colleges is holding on for dear life as foreclosure looms. The school was in the news several years ago regarding its finances and alumni came in to help with the mounting debt. It will be a sad day if the school has to shut the doors for good.

I'm just going to say that the Morris Brown College administration was poorly run and news investigations support that theory. Those people are long gone, but what they left behind was a financial mess. I remember hanging out during my college days with friends at Spelman, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, and Morris Brown College. We had some great times and the memories will live on.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Give Me the Green Light

This is one of my favorite collaborations which is also very hip. John Legend and Andre 3000 from Outkast jam this track "Green Light." You can't help but get your groove on while this song is playing. I think the replay button is about to get clicked to hear this again ~I'm ready to go right now!

Ways to Organize in No Time Flat

If you work from home, the house is probably quieter now that the kid's and young teens are back in school. It was hard to keep up with the little things that get pushed to the wayside with vacations and daily activities.  Now might be a good time to organize and de-clutter your office space, the desk area in the kitchen, or any space around the house.

Here are some ways to organize in no time flat:
  • Grab some of the junk mail and shred it especially credit offers
  • Use those manila folders to file away paperwork, receipts within the proper folder
  • Make a separate file folder for the school year for each child, permission slips etc.
  • Clear off the bulletin board of dated events to post new ones for school & sports
  • Keep a list of important phone numbers the kid's will need in case of emergency

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Hello

Hello, I hope everybody is having a Terrific Tuesday. I was not feeling so well today so took some time to rest. I just read a story about Nike's priciest shoe's the LeBron which will carry a price tag of $315. I guess former NBA player Michael Jordan's basketball shoes never reached this price.

When I first saw the story my first reaction was really, but then I thought there will be people buying this shoe no matter the hefty price. Plus, it looks sharp. Nike is raising the prices on lots of their items as consumer spending is up according to them...really!

Don't forget that new albums come out today and you can hear them in full on AOL Music. The rock band Lynryd Skynyrd has a new album titled "Last Of A Dyin' Breed" and you can hear it on the website. I've been listening to it while checking email and writing this post. It's a great album!

Usain Bolt headphones lead Olympic-flavored models

SEE THEM HERE ->Usain Bolt headphones lead Olympic-flavored models via USAToday
I like these headphones designed for Olympic track & field champion, Usain Bolt. The headphones are bright and colorful. We all might walk faster and longer listening to our exercise mix tape wearing these headphones. Check out some other headphone designs in the read showing the Olympic spirit.

Monday, August 20, 2012

RIP Comedian Phyllis Diller

Comedian Phyllis Diller passed away today at the age of 95. She had a witty sense of humor and was famous for her cigarette holder which you might can spot in her hand. Here is a short clip of Phyllis Diller on The Ed Sullivan Show. RIP!

Motivation Quote of the Day

Hello everybody and here we are back at Monday. Did you hit the ground running as the saying goes? OK, so did the college kids head out this morning on their way to class? It's their big week!

If we all needed some motivation today, here is a great quote from Jim Rohn. He is a motivational speaker, businessman, and writer of self-help books. Check out some of his written work on Amazon.

Here's the Motivation Quote of the Day:
"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's life plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." ~Jim Rohn

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Awesome Aircraft

Look what I came across. It's a new Amphibious Aircraft that can bring you one step closer to being James Bond. This is an awesome aircraft and you can read all about it on the Discovery Channel feature story.

Family Fellowship

Have A Nice Day
Blessed Sunday as the family gathers for dinner. The table is filled with soul food bests and you wonder if that is Aunt Cindy's macaroni and cheese on the table ~she makes the best. As other family and friends arrive in their cars, the kids jump out still dressed in their Sunday clothes.

Just before Uncle Bobby gathers everyone to bless the food, you hear someone asks "where's the Kool-Aid?" which is still chilling in the refrigerator. After grace, the jug is soon brought out and the cups are lined up. The flavor is grape and that probably means cousin Ivan made it because that's his favorite flavor.

As everyone hustles around the kitchen, it's a special time of family fellowship. It looks like Auntie Max made her delicious sweet potato pies located on the counter. Yum!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Lamborghini SUV?: Urus makes its U.S. debut

SEE IT ->A Lamborghini SUV?: Urus makes its U.S. debut via USAToday
I just knew the day would come for the Lamborghini SUV. Be the hip Mom picking up the kids from school in this sweet ride. Zoom!

Birthdays, Old Skool & Cooling Out

 Welcome weekend for us all, the sun just made an appearance and the day is looking good. Today is my Mom's birthday and I'm about to give her a call. She lives out West and the time difference is three hours. Although you can call Mom anytime especially on her birthday;-) Also, my brother celebrated his birthday this week.

Of course, my Saturday always starts with "old skool" music on the radio. As a matter of fact, one of Aretha Franklin's hits, "Rock Steady" is spinning as I type this blog post. What does the weekend have in store for you?

I think R&B singer Jerry Butler had the right idea when he made this song. When the errands, chores, and whatever winds down for the day, think about Cooling Out!

Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF Sparkles

OK so did this week go by fast or what? I imagine the weekend to be a busy one as college students pack their things to head back to college. Its going to be an even more exciting time for the new freshmen.

I just saw a lone hummingbird fly in and sip nectar from the flower container. This one stayed for awhile!  The long-awaited movie 'Sparkle' hits theaters today. Of course, many have seen the Trailers and know it stars the late Whitney Houston and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. CNN has an excellent movie review and you can read it here.

It looks like a mix bag of sun and clouds for Friday. Just like you, I have enough to keep me busy and catch up on from earlier this week. I usually stream several Atlanta radio stations that are my favorites like KISS 104.1 FM which plays the best in R&B and WABE 90.1 FM for classical music. Give them a listen!

I hope the day sparkles in whatever you're doing!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rock those Blue Suede Shoes

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley passed away on August 16, 1977. The day is always remembered with movies on TV and spins of his music on radio stations. This song was a hit and probably made the 'blue suede shoes' fly off the store shelves:-)

Jazz Up the Leftovers

Tonight might be a good time to give the refrigerator a clean sweep for any leftovers from the last couple of days that still have some yummy bites left. Jazz up the store-bought pizza by adding stir fry veggies on top. Also, breakfast for dinner with an "all-the-way" omelet sounds delish ~add what you want. When it comes to leftovers, waste not.

Welcome Home ~ Aimee Copeland's new digs unveiled

SIMPLY AMAZING ->Aimee Copeland's new digs unveiled for her homecoming  |
An amazing story of recovery for the college student from Georgia who has battled back from injuries she suffered during a backyard zip line accident. She developed a flesh-decaying virus and had to have several  limbs amputated. It's going to be a welcome home indeed!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gentleman's Quarters: An Apartment Tour

SEE SLIDESHOW HERE ->Gentleman's Quarters: Michael Chernow and Donna Hemmingsen Chernow of the Meatball Shop Give an Apartment Tour

This is a great slideshow of the couples apartment in Brooklyn. It's very eclectic and the space is open allowing lots of natural light to come inside. There is definitely enough room for their dog which is a Mastiff to maneuver around the apartment.

The outdoor space is fabulous and great for entertaining. I like everything about this place!

Julia Child 100th Birthday

You probably already have seen the Google Doodle today celebrating what would have been French Chef Julia Child 100th birthday. I remember watching episodes of her cooking show on PBS. There are some Atlanta restaurants that will have specials in celebration of the famous chef's birthday. The Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote a blog about it.

Here are some clips of Julia Child with bakers and one face will be familiar...I won't give it away!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classic Rock sounds Terrific

I must be in the classic rock mood;-) Toto was one of the hot bands in the 70s and into the 80s. It's been a busy Tuesday, but oh so Terrific. Rock On!

Recall - Cantaloupe & Honeydew Melons

CHECK THE FRIG ->Company expands cantaloupe recall to honeydews via NBC
Good evening, this is a serious recall on cantaloupe that now includes honeydew melons. I just bought a half piece of cantaloupe on Sunday from the local Ingles and have been eating off it everyday. I feel fine, but better not take any chances by finishing the rest of it.

Plus, I just called the Ingles where I bought it and the customer service person said they had not received any emails about it. Hmmm, that's strange but maybe they did not buy them from the farm listed in the story. These recalls happen from time to time, but be mindful of them and remove any of the items from the frig to the on the safe side.

Frugal Tip for the College-Bound

Wilson Football
It's a busy time around the house as college-bound students are heading back to college. Some of the young adults may have worked part-time during the summer break to earn extra money which is a wonderful idea.

Frugal Tip ->Hopefully, they saved some of their earnings to help out with buying dorm room items, books, and other necessities. If they already have a credit card, encourage them to use cash instead or debit card where the funds are taken out of their checking account. The last thing students need to be concerned about is the credit card bills arriving in the mail.

Monday, August 13, 2012

National Filet Mignon Day

Steak Dinner
Mmmm, really;-) I can smell the aroma now in a restaurant's kitchen as the Executive Chef grills a Filet Mignon and plate it up with veggies on the side. Hey, the aroma could be coming from someone's home kitchen who decided to live it up on Monday and celebrate the day with Filet Mignon for dinner. I hope dessert is a brownie with scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.

Healthy Back-to-School & Work

Yep, it's Monday and hope everybody had a nice weekend. This may have been back-to-school time for some like here in Georgia. I'm sure the morning was quite different especially getting the kids up out of bed. They will adjust and probably could not wait to see their friends and meet new ones. The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper has plenty of coverage as metro students returned to school.

The school lunches are on a quest to be healthier which is one good thing for the returning students. Make sure to include a piece of fruit in their backpack that is easy to eat like a small banana or box of raisins. The temperatures are still warm during the day so drinking water is important. I hope school's are allowing some recess time outdoors for kids to stretch, walk around and socialize.

Just like the kids, pack yourself a healthy lunch and toss fruit into the bag. Make your own trail mix and place in a zip lock baggie that includes raisins, nuts, pretzel twists, and dried cereal. It's the great go-to snack that will give you a healthy jolt of energy.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Piano Music

I thought some wonderful piano music might be a good way to ease into Sunday evening. This is a great listen and the pianist is Leif Ove Andsnes. You can read more about him on NPR which always brings spectacular music to listeners.

Joy in Simple Things


Good Sunday afternoon, I was amazed at the temperatures feeling like fall today. Let's me know what's in store when the seasons change. I hope the slight breeze keeps up.

I won't hold you long as I have some yard sale items to put back in their place. I only had one lady and her son stop by and she bought a clay pot container. One thing I can say is that it was fun just being outdoors after the clouds blew away and sun came out.

It's nice to find joy in the simple things like waving to a neighbor as they go about the day. Also, thankful for my blog visitors and new followers this week. There is always something new and exciting happening here.