Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ways to Organize in No Time Flat

If you work from home, the house is probably quieter now that the kid's and young teens are back in school. It was hard to keep up with the little things that get pushed to the wayside with vacations and daily activities.  Now might be a good time to organize and de-clutter your office space, the desk area in the kitchen, or any space around the house.

Here are some ways to organize in no time flat:
  • Grab some of the junk mail and shred it especially credit offers
  • Use those manila folders to file away paperwork, receipts within the proper folder
  • Make a separate file folder for the school year for each child, permission slips etc.
  • Clear off the bulletin board of dated events to post new ones for school & sports
  • Keep a list of important phone numbers the kid's will need in case of emergency

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