Thursday, August 2, 2012

3 Helpful Budget Tips

GarfieldHello everyone, many of you know how I like to start the new month off with a budget review. We're only day two into the new month of August, but no time to waste. Here are 3 budget tips that will be helpful to your household and wallet. You get a thumbs up already from 'Garfield the Cat' for your efforts.

  1. Grocery Shopping ->As the food prices started to creep up fast in July, the grocery receipts saw a big increase. There is no way around putting food on the table. Make sure to keep clipping coupons when heading out to grocery shop and keep your eye out for bargain buys.
  2. Credit Cards ->It's good to keep at least one or two credit cards in good standing by paying the bill each month on time. Did you have a car or home repair that extra cash could not cover? This is the time to pull out the credit cards in an emergency. Use cash or debit card where you know the expenses are immediate most of the time. If you can, always double the minimum amount when sending in a credit card payment. Better yet, pay the balance in full if you can swing it.
  3. Part-time Work ->After working a full-time job weekdays, thinking about adding a part-time job after work and on the weekdays probably doesn't send anyone jumping for joy. With a tight budget each month and little to no money left over, a part-time job sounds like a good bet. The job market is still tough for those seeking part-time work so it might not be easy. If you land one, focus on how the extra money will be spent especially paying down debt.
 I hope these budget tips are helpful as we continue to watch our dollars and save money.

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