Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend Plans, but Coffee 1st

The weekend is looking pretty good despite the clouds still hanging around. Its keeping the temps down for now. I always have to ask my readers what's up this weekend? As I sip my morning coffee, I'm planning my own.

Balloons Happy Birthday
President Barack Obama turns 51 today ~Happy Birthday Mr. President. I bet it will be a nice day around the White House with family, friends and staff. The White House baker is probably whipping up a delicious cake ~gotta blow out some candles.

I was thrilled to read that gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas will appear on the cover of the Corn Flakes cereal box this fall. She had an historic win on Thursday in her floor performance. Check out the story on the Grio and see a picture of Gabby holding the cereal box. I imagine these boxes flying off the shelves when the cereal hits the grocery store shelves in the fall.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody and appreciate your visits to my blog. I am motivated by your support and driven to make sure the content is not only informative, but a fun experience.


  1. Thanks Cynthia and you too! It had to be hard work and determination, along with a supporting mother behind this remarkable young person. Awesome...Awesome accomplishments!!!

    1. You are spot on about the young gymnast and I know her mother must be so proud. I watched her mom in the audience as Gabby was performing the other night.

      Now on to my other favorite Olympic sport, track and field. Thanks for commenting!