Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joy in Simple Things


Good Sunday afternoon, I was amazed at the temperatures feeling like fall today. Let's me know what's in store when the seasons change. I hope the slight breeze keeps up.

I won't hold you long as I have some yard sale items to put back in their place. I only had one lady and her son stop by and she bought a clay pot container. One thing I can say is that it was fun just being outdoors after the clouds blew away and sun came out.

It's nice to find joy in the simple things like waving to a neighbor as they go about the day. Also, thankful for my blog visitors and new followers this week. There is always something new and exciting happening here.


  1. What a pleasant fall pic! I'm sorry you didn't get a lot done at your sale, since you got a late start...maybe having another one will be better timed. Love your comments...thanks for visiting!