Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Fun ~ BFF's, Bargains & Fido

The clock is nearing noon on a gorgeous ATL Saturday. It looks like the sun will dominate the skies, but I did hear pop up showers for some areas. I don't think it will dampen outdoor activities. Call your BFF's and see what's on their schedule and plan a meet up.

A stop by the local consignment or thrift store might be a good idea to check on any bargains. It won't be long if not already that the fall clothes start hitting the racks. Get yourself a Labor Day weekend outfit to top off the summer. You will look adorable at the next cookout.

No grocery store run today is nice. When you get home from your day out, grab the leash and take Fido on a long walk. They will love the attention and exercise.


  1. It's sunny and beautiful here, too! Babysitting my grandson today--will spend a lot of time outside!

  2. "It looks like the sun will dominate the skies." I like.

    I've seen Christmas "stuff" in stores.