Sunday, August 19, 2012

Family Fellowship

Have A Nice Day
Blessed Sunday as the family gathers for dinner. The table is filled with soul food bests and you wonder if that is Aunt Cindy's macaroni and cheese on the table ~she makes the best. As other family and friends arrive in their cars, the kids jump out still dressed in their Sunday clothes.

Just before Uncle Bobby gathers everyone to bless the food, you hear someone asks "where's the Kool-Aid?" which is still chilling in the refrigerator. After grace, the jug is soon brought out and the cups are lined up. The flavor is grape and that probably means cousin Ivan made it because that's his favorite flavor.

As everyone hustles around the kitchen, it's a special time of family fellowship. It looks like Auntie Max made her delicious sweet potato pies located on the counter. Yum!

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