Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yep, That's the Way!

SmileyThis band had some groovy dance hits especially during the disco craze. Here is one of them that should get us up from the laptop to bust a move like the figure top left :-)

31 Days of March

Happy weekend and the last day in the month of March. This time, there were 31 days instead of the usual 30 so we got an added day. We welcomed spring and time change ahead one hour. Plus, the pollen arrived and had many sneezing and visiting the doctor for relief.

I'm ready to put a flowery plant in the pretty hanger at the front door and watch for hummingbirds to stop by for sips of nectar. I'm heading to get more potting soil this afternoon. Here's a tip ->Add fresh potting soil to the indoor plants before watering. They need a boost from the winter season. Enjoy!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Beethoven Remix Project

This piece is by a group of students from the Brooklyn Community Arts and Media School. They are one of the five finalists in the Brooklyn Philharmonic Beethoven Remix Project. The full read on the Project can be found on the NPR  website where you can also listen to the other finalist submissions. It's fantastic!

Ticketing Batman

This story made national headlines last week, but I'm just seeing the police dash cam showing the officer pulling over the car. The police officer was surprised to see the driver was dressed in a "Batman" costume. Driving without a license plate is deserving of a ticket, but the officer gave "Batman" a warning. Listen to the reason the guy was dressed in the costume which is charitable. The cape crusader was sent on his way in his Lamborghini. Cue the Batman theme music!

Mega Millions

TGIF and it's a beauty in the ATL! Hope the skies are sunny in your city. The lottery jackpot is all the buzz for the chance at winning $640 million dollars. OK, we all know the chances are slim when you really think about it. I never play the lottery, but I'm giving this jackpot some serious thought.

In celebration of the good week I've had, I was going to treat myself to a sandwich off the dollar menu at McDonald's today. Shall I forgo my frugal ways and spring for the sandwich and ticket? I could use $640 million, can't we all. If I'm a winner, I can add fries to that order ;-)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rock Star in the Playground

SEE HER LOOK ->Gwen Stefani: She Wears It Well - Telegraph
SmileyI have always liked her style and this look is hipster cool. The Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star tennis shoes are a throwback favorite. I borrowed a line from the article for this post title, it fits.

Hopeless Romantic

Great one-on-one interview with Lionel Richie on Piers Morgan's CNN show last night. On love, Lionel shared that he is a 'hopeless romantic' and knew it from an early age. Hey, that's not such a bad thing. The singer has brought us lots of love songs not only in his solo career, but his days with The Commodores. Think "Hello" which is a very romantic song!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dreamy Jam

D'Angelo is heading back into the studio to record some new music so I've heard. The album 'Brown Sugar' was a smash including this hit, "Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine." Fans are ready for more music from the smooth singer. Until then, enjoy this Dreamy jam!

It's Grillin' Time

With spring in the air, pleasant temps and longer daylight, it's time to take the cover off the grill and fire it up. Most people grill out on the weekends, but change things up by grilling on a weeknight for dinner. Keep the meats light by using boneless skinless chicken breasts which don't take much time to grill. Also, have hot dogs and burgers for a quick grab on the bun. Just add a small salad along with any other sides like baked beans. Top the weeknight off with ice cream sandwiches for everyone. It's a cool dessert that requires no bowl or spoon for easy clean up. Yum!

Quote of the Day

First off, Happy Hump Day! The quote of the day comes from Lady Gaga who celebrates her 26th birthday today. The singer is enjoying a wonderful music career with tons of adoring fans or her "Little Monsters" as she calls them. Lady Gaga has truly taken the music world by storm and her style is all her own.

"I am a walking piece of art everyday, with my dreams and my ambitions forward at all times in an effort to inspire my fans to lead their life in that way." ~Lady Gaga

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Swag for the Fellas


SLIDESHOW ->Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets Style:

Check out the Slideshow to see just what every man should have in his pockets. Nothing bulky, just Swag for the Fellas!

Tech Tuesday Freebie

WE LIKE FREE STUFF ->ColorBox HD: Get creative with free app via USAToday
Check out this free app for the new iPad that let's you draw on the touchscreen with an assortment of virtual pencil crayons, markers and pens. You can download it from the App Store.

Greetings Gorgeous

EmoticonThat post title goes for the day and me when I come from my hair appointment today. You're so vain! Think I'll wear a bright yellow top to go along with the sunshine. I don't know about you, but a few hours with your hair stylist getting your head massaged during the washing feels so good. I feel pretty and haven't left the house yet. Have a Gorgeous day!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes

The "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin celebrated her 70th birthday this past Sunday, yesterday to be exact;-) It's never too late for birthday wishes and this hit song is a favorite, Respect.

Poetry Challenge

DETAILS HERE ->2012 April PAD Challenge: Guidelines via Writers Digest
For poetry writers out there, this "Poetry A Day" (PAD) Challenge looks fascinating. The Challenge begins in April and runs the entire month. I like challenges as a way to push yourself towards a goal or something new that has yet to get off the ground. I have wanted to start writing poetry so reading this gave me a spark. Give it a try!

Spring Break Tip

Monday hello and back in stride for a new week. With the high gas prices and tight family budgets, the 'staycation' is back in vogue or maybe it never left.

Here's a spring break tip ->Gather the kids and decide together some local places everyone would like to visit and make a "calendar of events" for spring break week. Pack lunch, snacks and cooler with bottled water to take along for the adventures. Throw a blanket in the car to spread out on the grass to have lunch in case a park visit is on the itinerary.

The kids will enjoy having a part in planning for their spring break and will probably share where they are going with their buddies who might ask "can I go?" Don't forget to check the websites for places you plan to visit for specials and more. For all their excellent work in school, the kids sure deserve a break!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Superb PBS Program

Historian and host Henry Louis Gates, Jr. brings more ancestry discoveries to several people in this superb PBS series, "Finding Your Roots." Tonight, Georgia Congressman John Lewis, singer Harry Connick, Jr. and New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker are featured. This extended video shows others who Dr. Gates has profiled on the program. It's eye-opening and fascinating!

Watch Extended Preview on PBS. See more from Finding Your Roots.

Cool Classic


To Sir, With Love (1967) is now playing on Classic Cinema Online
I got so busy this past week and forgot to post that this classic favorite starring Sidney Poiter was playing. The seven movies in the line-up on the site move down after new ones are added. This just might be the last day for this showing. I hope not, but enjoy all the same. It includes the hit song with the same title, "To Sir, With Love" which I posted last month from YouTube. Who knew a month later the full movie would be available for viewing. Cool!