Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday skies are blue

It's truly "calm after the storm" across the regions in many states which sustained total loss and severe damage from tornadoes, wind & rain. Here in Georgia, the local news channels covered the tornado warnings well keeping viewers up-to-date to take cover in their homes. My community had heavy downpours and I woke at 3:30am or so to pounding rain outside. I am so glad to have a one-car garage at my town home to keep the car safe during this kind of weather.

So what plans do ya'll have for the weekend? The gas prices might be keeping many people close to home. Remember to coordinate the errands for better use of time and trips. The to-do list we write out during the weekdays comes in handy on the weekends too. Plan the route and save gas!

SmileyIt's really nice to see the blue skies today. Have a nice weekend of family-friendly fun, walks with the dog, and time with your sweetie pie;-)

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