Monday, March 19, 2012

Brown Baggin' It


Happy Monday and back to work, Zippidy Do Dah! It's noon time on the East coast and time for a lunch break. The classic brown bagging lunch is still a popular mainstay at work. Gather the lunch bunch and take a break!

I know the pollen is reeking havoc for allergies and going outside for lunch might not be pleasant. Just the fact that you brought lunch from home is great. It's a sure-fire way to save money especially with the high gas prices. The money saved from brown baggin' it can go into the gas tank or dinner on the table.

The term brown bagging is 'old school' as many people use the vinyl carry bags with the zip close these days. Remember to pack a piece of fruit and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Enjoy every bite of the yummy lunch you packed today and the rest of the day's ahead this week.


  1. Enjoy the lunch. Hope the sun is warm and happy. I'm about to take a meal-break myself;-)

    1. The sun is just as you describe and lunch was good;-) Thanks for stopping by and your comments are always nice.

  2. Replies
    1. I wrote my first article about a month ago on the site and submitted a second one late last week. I am enjoying writing in a different genre and the station plays funk music which is my thing! Thanks for asking, I appreciate it.