Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Millions

TGIF and it's a beauty in the ATL! Hope the skies are sunny in your city. The lottery jackpot is all the buzz for the chance at winning $640 million dollars. OK, we all know the chances are slim when you really think about it. I never play the lottery, but I'm giving this jackpot some serious thought.

In celebration of the good week I've had, I was going to treat myself to a sandwich off the dollar menu at McDonald's today. Shall I forgo my frugal ways and spring for the sandwich and ticket? I could use $640 million, can't we all. If I'm a winner, I can add fries to that order ;-)


  1. I've never bought a lottery ticket before, but maybe I will!

    1. I didn't buy a ticket, but instead treated myself to a chicken sandwich at McD's. I hear it's frenzy at stores and lines are long to purchase the lotto ticket. Have a great weekend!