Friday, March 9, 2012

Barbie Doll Debut

EmoticonI just can't's "Get Over It Day" which was coined by some guy trying to "get over" the breakup with his girlfriend. Poor fella!

On a brighter note, the 'Barbie' doll debut today in 1959. I had so many Barbie dolls & outfits. I remember running to the toy section when shopping with my mom to scout out a new outfit. My mom would sometimes say "no" you have enough, but somehow the outfit ended up in the buggy. Of course, I kept my Barbies neatly organized and all my friends loved playing with them. Whatever happened to my collection? TGIF!


  1. Oh, if only you had saved them all...they would have been of value today and collectibles too!

    1. Yep and my mom said the same thing when I told her about this post :-)