Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Leftovers Hanging Around

Hey Everybody, it's Hump Day Wednesday and the last day of August. Can you believe it? It's been a great month with my mom and brother celebrating their birthdays. Tonight would be a good time to finish off any leftovers still hanging around in the refrigerator especially the baked or rotisserie chicken from a few days ago. Here's an idea-> Omelet with the works. Pull out veggies, tomatoes, cheese and eggs and whip up a delicious omelet with all the fixings tonight. If it's just you, then you can throw in the broccoli without any resistance from others. If there are kids and teens, they will have fun picking out the leftovers they want in their omelets. Eventually everything will get eaten. Add slices of crusty bread or simply toast pieces of bread and top with butter & jam. I'm hungry already and sure sounds like a fun night to raid the frig, Enjoy!

Visit the Local Library

Several months back, my laptop crashed and I was without it for a week. Thankfully, my tech-savvy neighbor made repairs and it's working like a charm. During this downtime, I went to the local library to use the computer. They have quite a few computer stations and you have to reserve a computer using your library card. It's a great service and you get an hour of use. I was happy to have access to check email, social media and my blog. After I finished my work, I took a moment to walk around the library and check the books on the shelves. There were plenty of paperbacks, hardcovers and more. I know the e-readers, iPads, etc. are all the rave now for reading books. Maybe I'm too old school, but placing a bookmark into the pages of a real book are still my favorite thing. I started reading Terry McMillan's follow up novel 'Getting To Happy' after buying the hardcover at the dollar store, yeah for a $1. With all the technical gadgets for reading, I felt a bit out of place and not quite 'with it' when placing a bookmark at the chapter where I will pick up the story. Now that I don't have to use the library computers anymore, I won't count out this great resource when looking for a good read. They have plenty of picks and perusing the stacks is fun too. Take the kids and let them pick out a fave book and make sure there are plenty of bookmarks for everyone!

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Stay Tuned Up

I bet musicians will love this device that keeps the guitar and other string instruments in tune forever. Very innovative by Evertune!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cars Thieves Hate, Really!

The top 10 cars that thieves hate the most via USAToday

Check out this story to find out which cars thieves hate. As someone who had their car stolen some years ago, my car happened to be a popular one. See if your car is one of the 10 thieves might pass up!