Monday, August 29, 2011

Praying Mantis

As I stepped out of my back door yesterday, I spotted an insect that I haven't seen in awhile...a praying mantis was on the door sill. I was spooked at first glance because I'm kind of scared of insects. Anyway, I did not bother it and continued on watering my plants. Before stepping back inside, I quietly looked at the mantis which was brown and very long. I have always admired their thin shape too. I have a bird feeder in my backyard for all my bird friends that stop by and went back out to put some feed in it, I love nature. The mantis was still in the spot as I figured it would fly away since the door kept opening. Surprisingly, it stayed there all day and I could see the tiny wings in a praying position. Believe it or not, the same mantis is still there, but it's color has changed to green. Could this be a different praying mantis altogether? I just had to scout out for a picture and found one, hope it doesn't scare you :-) I have many things on prayer in my life and this may sound strange, but seeing the praying mantis was inspiration.

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