Monday, October 31, 2011

Riding the Pink Pig

Take a Look ->Gallery An Atlanta tradition: Riding the Pink Pig
This ride is an Atlanta favorite especially for the kiddies. If you are in Atlanta visiting, put this stop on your "things to do" list. Have lots of fun!

Halloween Monday

Hello everybody and it's a sunny Halloween Monday! Let me start off  by writing that some ghouls & goblins must have taken over my laptop over the weekend. I was working on it late Saturday and the monitor faded to black. I was like "what's up?" It turns out that the monitor bit the dust per my tech-savvy neighbor. It looks like I will be using the local Library computers for awhile. A good friend has a Dell laptop that she is not using so we will meet up soon for me to get it. I'm happy and relieved.

So whose handing out candy this evening for the trick-or-treaters or taking the kiddes out? Have lots of fun and keep the porch light on for safety. Have a Spooktacular day!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ghostly Feature

The Ghost Walks (1934) via Classic Cinema Online
In the spirit of Halloween weekend, a scary classic movie seems just right. As always, dim the lights to set the spooky mood. Make sure there is plenty of popcorn to go around!

Take Care Adele

Adele to have throat surgery, cancels 2011 plans accessAtlanta
She sure has had a tough time with her throat. I hope the surgery is a success and she's back to singing and touring. In the meantime, we can listen to her dynamic album '21' which is still spinning in my CD player.

Adele -21

Happy Halloween Weekend

I know Halloween isn't until next Monday, but most people will celebrate this weekend and some plan to trick-or-treat tonight. Well, the Texas Rangers did not win the World Series, but you have to give them kudos for making it a great Series. The day is beautiful, but breezy. I really feel for the people in the Northeast who might get snow. It's that darn Noreaster that's planning to drop some inches on the area that still has fall leaves on the trees. In Atlanta we're bundled up, but clearly won't need to shovel snow. Have a Happy Halloween Weekend!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ready for Game 7

Hello readers! I'm sure your to-do list is done by now and that's a good thing. I got in the groove with lots of stuff . I have a tendency to toss junk mail aside so that was one thing I scratched off my list. Hey, is anyone watching the World Series? I am and this has been the best one in a long time. I'm cheering on the Texas Rangers who I thought was going to win it all last night. I have to give it to the St. Louis Cardinals for rallying back to win the game. I glanced over at the clock when the game ended and it read 12:40AM. So tonight is Game 7 and it should be a doozy. It's a great night for fun foods like pizza, popcorn & wings. If you plan to be out & about watching the game, be responsible and drive safely!

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Super Sequel

UPTOWN Magazine » Independence Day 2: ‘It’s Happening Soon’ » UPTOWN Magazine
Cool news that a sequel to the hit movie 'Independence Day' might be coming to theaters at some point. The first movie was action-packed and we can bet the next one will be too especially with the technology used in special effects these days. It will be interesting to see how the director and writers pick up with the lives of the main characters. From the read, it seems Will Smith is still in talks and reading the script. Also, I hope my cousin Vivica A. Fox gets on board, she played Will's wife in the first movie.

Quote of the Day

Today is the birthday of the famous designer Edith Head. Her fabulous styles were seen in many of director Alfred Hitchcock's movies. I especially like the dresses she designed and Grace Kelly wore in the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window."

She is spot on with this quote ->"Your dresses should be tight enough to show your a woman and loose enough to show your a lady." ~Edith Head

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