Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday, Football & Fruit Cake

Sunday Blessings everyone and so nice to have you spend a few minutes catching up with my blog. I'm glancing out the back door for a bit more sunshine, but it's not really in today's forecast. As you know, this is my favorite day for NFL football as the Atlanta Falcons play the Green Bay Packers. Also, today is my dad's birthday, Happy Birthday Dad! I called him this morning, but he may have left for church. The other day, my antique store friend stopped by to say hello and to bring over some veggies. In the bag, was a fruit cake that she orders each year from a bakery in Claxton, GA. I know it's a bit early as fruit cakes are a Christmas holiday favorite. While these cakes get a bum rap for being kind of dry, not so with the ones from Claxton Fruit Cake, they are moist & yummy. I am enjoying mine with coffee and for dessert after dinner. Check the website and think about ordering them for family, friends and neighbors as the holidays loom near. Keep one or two for yourself!

Photo Credit: Claxton Fruit Cake


  1. Oh I soooo envy you right now! I love fruitcake and have not had a claxton since our days in Georgia! Thank you for the info and now I can have my fave with my special blend again! Enjoy, but not all in one day! LOL
    Love You!

  2. So glad to know someone else is familiar with these fruitcakes. I had never had one before and called my friend to tell her how much I was enjoying it. Have a nice night Loretta and thanks!