Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wired Weekend

Good Sunday Afternoon! There was a major cable & internet outage in my area and I am just able to post on my blog. Actually, the outage came only minutes after the Atlanta Falcons kicked off against the Carolina Panthers down at the Georgia Dome. I bet lots of subscribers were bummed out as the cable came back on with only a few minutes left in the game. By the way, the Falcons won the game. It felt weird not having access to either for several hours. I stay pretty wired even on the weekend checking emails, social media, blog, and lots of other sites. I just don't seem to miss a beat, but I do try hard to unplug more from all the week's activity. I found plenty to keep me busy during today's outage like opening yesterday's mail which was junk and other stuff. I called my mom and we chatted for awhile. She was reading Sunday's paper and relaxing. I think this downtime was really a good thing. Before I wrap up this post, I love listening to the local radio station's Good News Gospel program each Sunday morning. A song came on with this lyric ->"God's got a blessing with your name written on it." I said to myself...Believe It!


  1. Hi Cynthia, I went through the same days earlier and right in the middle of work...trying to meet a deadline! It is such a bothersome thing! Have a great week! Love Loretta

  2. I thought of you during my outage because I remembered your troubles last week. I'm glad we are both up & running:-)