Friday, October 21, 2011

Me & My Furry Friend

I came across this picture while looking through some emails. My cousin visiting from Mesa, Arizona took this picture of me and my cuddly Cocker Spaniel Coale some years ago. I noticed the tennis ball in my hand which was his favorite playtime. I remember it was hard to get him to bring the ball back so I could throw it again. Coale passed on in June 2009 and I miss him dearly. The memories live on and this picture brings back the many happy moments we shared.


  1. Oh I know you miss this beautiful boy! I had to put my Alex down a few months back because he attacked me, and left some very bad bites. Needless to say, I miss him still but the sweet memories of him, always erases that one bad day! I do know your feeling here...Coale was a beautiful pet! Love

  2. Good Evening Loretta! I was all smiles when I discovered this picture. Coale was a wonderful and he loved the fall weather. Sorry to learn of your attack. Enjoy the weekend!