Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not So Frugal Buy

I've been wondering just what saltines are made of these days. I may have stumbled upon a not so frugal buy with the latest box of saltine crackers I purchased. I love saltines especially for spreading peanut butter on top for a quick & healthy energy snack. While grocery shopping down the aisle, I spotted an off-brand box of crackers along with the name and store brands on the shelf. In an attempt to stretch the dollars, I bought the off-brand box. Well, that purchase did not turn out as the crackers completely fell apart when pulling them out of their packaging. I tried to spread some peanut butter on the few crackers that stayed intact, but they too crumbled. I don't mind buying off-brand items to give them a try and the price is usually lower. This did not turn out to be a frugal buy, but I won't just throw them away. I will use them in bowls of soup & chili to finish them off, crumbling already done.

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  1. I did this too, and I am still trying to use them all! I think I might take them outside and put them in my bird feeder. I always put the heels of my bread there and they eat it all! This way, I don't feel as if I'm tossing it away. Have a great weekend! Love

  2. I like your idea about using them in the bird feeder and I do the same with bread. I'm all about not wasting anything in the world of high food prices. Enjoy the weekend too my friend!