Thursday, October 6, 2011

Frugal Tip ->Fall Fruit

I have been on the lookout in the grocery stores for the prices to take a tumble on the fall fruits especially apples. Now that the fall season is here, some grocers have had weekly specials on apples and pears. Just last week, Publix had pears for $.88 cents/lb and I snagged several during the sale. I just took a look at the new Publix ad that comes out on Thursday's and notice they have gala apples for $1.29/lb, that's not a bad price as some grocery stores are still higher. Be frugal and wait until the prices are within reason before settling on the high prices even on your favorites. Also, there are lots of fall festivals happening on the weekends these days. Check the community calendar for one in your area. There might be orchard farm growers at the festival with baskets of apples for purchase. Get ready to enjoy the crunchy goodness of fall's harvest!

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