Sunday, October 2, 2011

Relaxing Fall Day

There's not a cloud in the sky so that leaves nothing but sunshine on this Sunday afternoon. I've spent the first half of the day watering plants. I actually have a to-do item for today...balance the checkbook. Oh joy, but it won't take long. Afterwards, I'm going to watch and cheer on our Atlanta Falcons as they take on the Seattle Seahawks. I plan to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and lunch is on the horizon. I picked up my fave rotisserie chicken the other day and we all know the meal ideas that come with them. Also, I got a craving for deviled eggs earlier this morning so I boiled some eggs. Now it's time to finish this post and head to the kitchen and whip them up. Before I go, just wanted to point out that the picture below shows off the richness of  fall's colorful beauty very well.

Photo credit: hotblack from


  1. Yes it does! I really love those colors. Hugs

  2. Hi Loretta, hope your Monday is going well. The tree in my front yard has yet to show these colors, but it won't be long :-)