Friday, October 28, 2011

Ready for Game 7

Hello readers! I'm sure your to-do list is done by now and that's a good thing. I got in the groove with lots of stuff . I have a tendency to toss junk mail aside so that was one thing I scratched off my list. Hey, is anyone watching the World Series? I am and this has been the best one in a long time. I'm cheering on the Texas Rangers who I thought was going to win it all last night. I have to give it to the St. Louis Cardinals for rallying back to win the game. I glanced over at the clock when the game ended and it read 12:40AM. So tonight is Game 7 and it should be a doozy. It's a great night for fun foods like pizza, popcorn & wings. If you plan to be out & about watching the game, be responsible and drive safely!

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