Monday, August 15, 2011

Pricey McMansion

Take a look inside this home, make that mansion in London. The person who buys this place has got to have lots of money. I bet the real estate agent doesn't even bother showing it until they check the potential buyer's money portfolio. Let me share this tidbit with you ->I sold my condo some years ago and the buyer was purchasing her first home. My real estate agent called me and said she had an interesting request from the buyer. I was intrigued! My agent said the buyer wanted to know if I would sell her the entire contents in every room. I'm not bragging, but my condo was beautiful. It had a gorgeous sun room with white wicker furniture and lots of other fine looks including a hunter green leather sofa set which fit the living room area perfectly. All I would have to pack when I moved were my clothes and other personal stuff, but no moving truck needed. I turned down the offer. If I ever get asked again, I might just say "yes."

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