Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friends, Breeze & Birds

Hello to all my readers on this sunny Sunday. There is a breeze today which is going to make the day feel a bit more pleasant. Hope you are able to spend time with family and friends along with good eats today. I had fun yesterday with a couple of gal pals. We stopped by our favorite antique store in town and some new booths have opened. Then we headed to a new Ingle's grocery store in a nearby town. It's bigger than our local store with more offerings like a self-serve deli area. We sampled a BLT pasta salad and bought a small container and ate most of it with some Wheat Thin crackers once we got back to her house. One of my friend's has the friendliest dog, a black lab. He loves to catch balls in the air and never misses...really! He was happy to see us return and went straight for his ball to start play. Before leaving her house, she gave me a Ziploc bag full of bird seed for my backyard birds. I told her the red birds love it. I've gotten used to the cardinals chirp and can look out the window when they show up and watch them enjoy the seed delight!

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