Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Ting Tings

Good evening and just getting around to a second post. It's been a busy day! I often wondered why new albums come out on Tuesday's, anybody know? I always check around various music sites to see what's new and get the opportunity to listen to a full album for free. We love freebies right! So much has changed in the way we listen to music these days. Now we can simply buy one or more songs off an album instead of the whole thing.

EmoticonI've been listening to the new album by The Ting Tings called "Sounds from Nowheresville." I dig that title and the album is great. I discovered this duo awhile ago and their name is what caught my eye. It's so cool. MSN has a Listening Booth of full albums that are updated on Tuesday's. The Ting Tings new album is on this week's playlist. Check it out!

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