Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Tip

Monday hello and back in stride for a new week. With the high gas prices and tight family budgets, the 'staycation' is back in vogue or maybe it never left.

Here's a spring break tip ->Gather the kids and decide together some local places everyone would like to visit and make a "calendar of events" for spring break week. Pack lunch, snacks and cooler with bottled water to take along for the adventures. Throw a blanket in the car to spread out on the grass to have lunch in case a park visit is on the itinerary.

The kids will enjoy having a part in planning for their spring break and will probably share where they are going with their buddies who might ask "can I go?" Don't forget to check the websites for places you plan to visit for specials and more. For all their excellent work in school, the kids sure deserve a break!


  1. Never before heard that word: staycation. I looked it up and... wow. I should have figured it out.

  2. I have heard that word before--staycation. My favorite kind of break!

  3. I remember seeing the word 'staycation' for the first time awhile back and thought how clever. Thanks for the comments.