Saturday, March 31, 2012

31 Days of March

Happy weekend and the last day in the month of March. This time, there were 31 days instead of the usual 30 so we got an added day. We welcomed spring and time change ahead one hour. Plus, the pollen arrived and had many sneezing and visiting the doctor for relief.

I'm ready to put a flowery plant in the pretty hanger at the front door and watch for hummingbirds to stop by for sips of nectar. I'm heading to get more potting soil this afternoon. Here's a tip ->Add fresh potting soil to the indoor plants before watering. They need a boost from the winter season. Enjoy!


  1. March is on the way out and April is almost on our lips;-)

    1. Smooches, it sure is;-) Have a great weekend and I sure enjoy visiting your blog.