Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cat and Her Kittens

Purrfect Day
The gas prices were $3.94 yesterday, Yikes. I didn't stop to get any which I needed. Was I hoping the prices might dip a few pennies? Probably so. With the Labor Day holiday travel coming up, who knows what they will be over the next few days.

As you know, my backyard seems to the place all the critters like to hang out. There is a element of privacy and after adding the fencing, it's a cool place for me too;-) Of course, the wide-variety of birds are a joy from cardinals, wrens, sparrows, robins, and those Mourning Doves.

There has been a stray cat that hangs out in the yard and sips water and nibbles on the "day old bread" thrown out in the yard. Yesterday evening I saw the cat and with her were three kittens. They romped around the yard in a playful manner and I quietly watched them from the kitchen window. The evening turned darker and I don't know how long they stayed, but were gone this morning.

I wonder if the mother cat and her cute little kittens which are black will be back. I'll have to wait and see. I love nature and it brings a smile to my face when a new creature appears.

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