Monday, August 13, 2012

Healthy Back-to-School & Work

Yep, it's Monday and hope everybody had a nice weekend. This may have been back-to-school time for some like here in Georgia. I'm sure the morning was quite different especially getting the kids up out of bed. They will adjust and probably could not wait to see their friends and meet new ones. The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper has plenty of coverage as metro students returned to school.

The school lunches are on a quest to be healthier which is one good thing for the returning students. Make sure to include a piece of fruit in their backpack that is easy to eat like a small banana or box of raisins. The temperatures are still warm during the day so drinking water is important. I hope school's are allowing some recess time outdoors for kids to stretch, walk around and socialize.

Just like the kids, pack yourself a healthy lunch and toss fruit into the bag. Make your own trail mix and place in a zip lock baggie that includes raisins, nuts, pretzel twists, and dried cereal. It's the great go-to snack that will give you a healthy jolt of energy.


  1. Great tips on the lunch. Our schools here are really gearing up for this years' lunch program. Thanks for the share!

    1. Great and I think the kids will welcome the new lunch choices.