Friday, August 3, 2012

TGIF & Things

TGIF and the week has been busy. It included the start to a new month of August which by the way has two family members brother and mom only one day apart. I've got to pick up birthday cards soon.

I am listening to the Soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Sparkle" starring Jordin Sparks and the late singer Whitney Houston. If you haven't heard it, head over to AOL Music to play the full CD. The 10 tracks are  great and Whitney sings "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" which is moving.


Its National Sandwich Month and the Eatocracy page on CNN posted a story about it which you can read here. I love sandwiches and of course taking one for lunch is a money saver. The meat varieties and  bread choices are plentiful. Two of my favorites are pumpernickel and rye topped with lots of veggies.

A second cup of coffee sure sounds good. I had slipped down to one cup mainly because of the heat, but for some reason I could go for one more. How about you, join me;-)

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