Thursday, August 23, 2012

Morris Brown College on the brink

With foreclosure looming Morris Brown College on the brink  |
One of Atlanta's historically black colleges is holding on for dear life as foreclosure looms. The school was in the news several years ago regarding its finances and alumni came in to help with the mounting debt. It will be a sad day if the school has to shut the doors for good.

I'm just going to say that the Morris Brown College administration was poorly run and news investigations support that theory. Those people are long gone, but what they left behind was a financial mess. I remember hanging out during my college days with friends at Spelman, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, and Morris Brown College. We had some great times and the memories will live on.


  1. SO sorry for read that :S
    The memories live in you forever :)


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    1. It truly is sad news, but I think this time the school will close.

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