Sunday, August 5, 2012

Does France deserve its reputation for rudeness?

READ THE STORY HERE ->Does France deserve its reputation for rudeness? -
I didn't know France had such a reputation or can't remember. Anyway, this is an interesting travel read as that reputation for rudeness may impact the travel industry. The story mentions that the waiters can be a bit rude, but they may want to lighten up in order to get a good tip.

I would love to visit Paris and spend time shopping, sightseeing, and sitting along a sidewalk cafe' enjoying the people going by while sipping coffee. I took French as my foreign language requirement in college and loved it. I don't speak it anymore, but it sure is a sexy language;-) Have any of my blog readers ever been to France?


  1. Only in books and motion pictures! I hear it is a beautiful place. First I've heard of the people!

    1. Well that sounds better. Can't wait to see the iconic landmark...the Eiffel Tower when I get there someday ;-)