Friday, August 10, 2012

Bright News on TGIF

Thank God It's Friday and while we have a full day ahead, it's been a good week. I was so impressed with the rainfall in my area and throughout Atlanta yesterday. Luckily, the lawn service got the chance to cut my yard and several others before heading back to the truck to wait out the rain.

The sun is out and the day is brighter. I hope it's the same in your city or town although if you need rain, the looming clouds may pour down rain right at your doorstep. Bring it you say! A friend who works for UPS called me this morning to say he read a sign outside a temporary agency that is hiring. I sent in my application and resume online and hope after reviewing it, they will find some positions that fit my skills and experience for placement. Now that is bright news on TGIF!


  1. Yes, morning rain and now beautiful sunshine here in B-more.

    1. Great and here's to a wonderful weekend. Thanks for visiting!