Friday, August 31, 2012

ATL is a Happening Place

I hope everybody is having a really nice Friday. Its absolutely gorgeous in Atlanta and I was just listening to the traffic report on the interstates around the city. There will be lots of activities going on from both the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech playing college football games, Dragon-Con, Black Gay Pride Festival, and the Decatur Book Festival which is a big draw for the City of Decatur.

There will be a parade on Saturday for the Dragon-Con event and participants never disappoint with their outfits. Our local paper already has some photos of Sci-fi fans who have arrived in town for the event. I just love their enthusiasm and creativity with the costumes.

So what's happening on your Friday night? Any out-of-town guests for the Labor Day weekend? The temps are on the rise and it's humid so get ready to dress for the occasion when heading out. You will be doing a lot of walking so remember to wear comfortable shoes.

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