Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Tuesday Tidbits

Hello everybody, OK so now we can crank up the to-do list and rock it during this short week. We can also get back to some Tuesday Tidbits. By the way, were you surprised at the co-host announcement on the Kelly Ripa Show this morning? I actually don't watch the show, but might tune in on occasion now that it was revealed that Michael Strahan will be the new co-host.

I like Michael's positive energy vibe and think the two of them will work well together. Here's the story about it from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The Democratic National Convention starts today in Charlotte, NC. First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver a speech tonight. CNN has a great gallery of photos taken while out and about around the DNC so far which are nice.

You all know I enjoy eating healthy, but have never pushed the organic foods at the grocery store or market. For one, the prices are usually higher and I just can't tell much difference. Well, this story in USAToday on research between organic and regular produce found no big difference. I think it's a trend people got into, but it's still a hard sell given the high costs for organic.


  1. Hi Cynthia, love your post today! I caught a glimpse of that show today, yes it was a surprise. I don't watch it either. Tuesday Tidbits...fun, fun!

    1. Thanks Loretta and I'm so glad you enjoyed these Tidbits today;-)

      Hope all is well, have a good week!