Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alicia Keys, Brandy Reveal Album Artwork

SEE COVERS HERE ->News | Alicia Keys, Brandy Reveal Album Artwork | Singersroom
Both album covers are nice, but Brandy's sizzles just a little bit more. I got the chance to see the 'Blue Moon' last night that was all the buzz around the internet yesterday. I almost forgot and was closing the blinds and looked up in the sky and there it was as bright as ever.

There was a tint of blue on the blinds which revealed that this truly was a Blue Moon. Here is one of Brandy's music videos that I really like called "Full Moon" ~still perfect the next night, it's so Hip!


  1. I can't wait for their new albums, especially Alicia Keys...but you are right, Brandy's album cover "sizzles just a little bit more."

    1. Just like you Carmela, I can't wait for their albums. I see Alicia Keys is sporting her new short hairdo on her album cover which is Chic.

      Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend and thanks for stopping by:-)