Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jay-Z kicks off Made in America festival

CHECK IT OUT ->Jay-Z kicks off Made in America festival –
It looks like Day 1 of the festival was hip and rocked. I know the fans are loving the fest and I would have loved to see neo-soul artist Janelle Monae do her thang.

If you snagged tickets to this festival, there will be plenty of music, people, and a hip vibe throughout the venue. One of these days I hope to see Jay-Z in concert. I missed when he and Kanye West were touring earlier this summer and came through Atlanta.

Well, I just jumped on my blog for a few minutes. I'm getting ready to munch on a PB&J sandwich and fresh orange. I have got to get back to the store tomorrow and pick up a few more of those oranges because they are really good. Night, Night!

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