Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Rainbow

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Hello Everybody, it's been a stormy start to Saturday. I'm just able to post a blog after jumping online earlier this morning only to be shutdown from the thunder, lightening & heavy rain. All looks to be safe now and this post won't be long. Not just because of the weather, but to give you a chance to go out and enjoy the weekend. I forgot to pick up what has become a favorite snack...Cheetos. My shameless plug for an off-brand I've been buying at Walmart by "Medallion" ->the puffy kind are the best, try them. I figured with rain in the forecast all weekend, I will hunker down with college basketball, NFL football, black & white movies and more. I'll throw in a few chores to mix it up, Yeah right;-) I'm about to dash off to the store and to my surprise, the sun is shining. I hope to see a rainbow across the sky too. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for reading my blog. Everyone is Awesome!


  1. So are you! Have a delicious weekend! Hugs

  2. Hi Loretta, glad you stopped by and hope the weekend is well;-)