Monday, January 2, 2012

Marvelous Monday in 2012

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It's a Marvelous Monday indeed! There's lots of sunshine, but the temps are cold with gusty winds. It's all good, just bundle up. Many folks are probably still off today for holiday since New Year's Day fell on Sunday. I need to get my bills organized and ready to mail out tomorrow. Yeah, I'm old school with snail mailing some bills. Here are a few newbies to start off 2012:

--->Become a frugal saver beginning this week, just $10 is a good start. Watch it grow! 
--->Step into fitness with a new pair of sneakers and walk towards a healthier You
--->Eat right by adding more veggies to meals, practice portion control
--->Get organized by using colorful bins for all your storage needs

I'm always offering up tidbits and finding ways to brighten the day. Hope these are helpful!

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