Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mind, Body & Spirit

For those who work from home or telecommute a few days a week from the job, it's good to take a few minutes in the morning before logging on to the desktop or laptop computer to ready your mind, body & spirit for the tasks ahead. Here are some quick warm up exercises that won't take up too much time:

--->Head rolls in one direction and switch the other way
--->Sets of squats for legs and glutes
--->Side bends and twists to work the mid-section
--->Stretch out your arms and twirl them in both directions
--->Shoulder rolls to the front and then backwards
--->Close your eyes, breathe slowly for a moment of meditation

Credit: Free photos from acobox.com

Do 2-3 sets and remember to take breaks throughout the day to stretch and refresh before sitting down for more work. Keep a large water bottle filled nearby your work area to easily grab and quench your thirst. Have a good day!

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