Friday, January 20, 2012

President Obama sings Al Green

President Obama was attending a campaign fundraiser last night at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem when he sang a snippet from one of singer Al Green's hits "Let's Stay Together." The reference the President makes when he says "the Sandman didn't come out" meant that if someone singing on stage was getting booed by the crowd, a guy from backstage who they called "Sandman" would come out and kindly escort the contestant off the stage. It was all in fun and part of Amateur Night. I must say the President has a smooth voice, he's so cool!


  1. Ahh, nice to know the preseident can sing.
    A musican in the making perhaps?;-)
    Do enjoy the weekend.xx

  2. That was great! I watched it twice!

  3. Hey Cynthia, I laughed because he actually sound good...did you see that look on his face when he finished? Great post! Have a good weekend! Hugs

  4. Thanks Everybody, the President did sing well. It's a video generating lots of buzz today. Here's to a wonderful weekend for us all!