Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump Day Tidbits

Hello Everybody, first off I have to give a weather report for the ATL...sunshine galore. Grab the sunnies, we'll need them all day long. I hope the week is so far so good. I've got my online walking shoes on for the job hunt. I have really been looking at finding legitimate "work from home" jobs and know they are out there. It's a slippery slope when finding this type of work, but I have found some trusted companies to consider. Of course, Elance is a favorite freelance website where you can bid on jobs. Have fun with these Hump Day Tidbits:

--->Get a First Listen of Seal's upcoming album 'Soul 2' (out January 24) over at Essence. He sings lots of soul classic favorites from Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, and the O'Jay's to name a few. It's Fantastic, thanks Essence!

--->Today is "Winnie the Pooh Day" and it's celebrated every year on January 18 to recognize Winnie and his friends, but also the birthday of the author A.A. Milne who was born in London. A classic that's filled with fun adventures for children to read and enjoy.
Credit: Museum of Broadcast Communication
--->"The Jeffersons" premiered on television in 1975 on this day. The show's main character George Jefferson was the proud owner of a dry cleaning business and the family moved their way up to the East side to an apartment in the sky as the theme song goes. His wife Louise or 'Weezy' as George fondly called her and son Lionel along with other great cast members rounded out the show. Later, their maid Florence was a fan favorite with sharp comebacks to employer George Jefferson. Great sitcom!

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