Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sticker Shock

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Greetings Everybody, hope the week so far is moving along well. I forgot stamp prices were going up and was a bit surprised when I went to the post office yesterday. A first-class stamp is now $.45 cents, just a penny higher. I know the post office is scrambling for funds, but I have cut down on mailing only essentials like some bills. I've been using e-cards as a way to save on mailing cards. I like receiving e-cards and reading the special words the sender adds to the card. The other sticker shock was the store-brand instant coffee I've been buying that went up a whole dollar, Yikes. I am sure many have noticed the rise in food prices and other things. It makes us double check the budget on cutbacks, but where to make them is challenging. As I write this post, the thought of people with pets and the costs they must be confronting with vet care and food for their beloved family members. If you know anyone who has a pet and maybe unemployed right now, lend a helping hand by giving them cash or gift card to buy food. Go a step further to help with yearly shots and wellness at the vet. We are all experiencing sticker shock in lots of ways and that extended hand of help is a blessing indeed.

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