Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family-friendly Freebies

Summer Surfing
Hello everybody, the skies are grey but it looks like the sun is coming out. One thing is that the temps are cool. I just glanced out into the backyard and the new huge doves are back pecking away at the bird seeds. I don't know where they came from and counted about eight of them fly in together.

I need a new battery for my car, Yep! A friend plans to come rescue me and go buy another battery. While this expense will set my budget back for the month, this is a case in point of having an emergency fund for car repairs that pop up.

Anybody heading out to a festival or concert? This is the time of the year when free festivals are all the rave on the weekends. The free concerts in the park are also a favorite and communities will have them at least once a month. If so, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the music and good eats. Don't forget to scan the community paper to see what's happening this weekend. Oh, a dip in the community pool or the neighbors sure sounds nice ~grab the beach towels and sunscreen for a family-friendly freebie full of fun.

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