Thursday, July 5, 2012

Job Search ~ Stay Positive

As employers continue to start hiring at a more steady pace, there are still lots of people out of work. It is not uncommon to find someone who has been unemployed for over two years. While that may seem hard to imagine, the competition for jobs is tough as older and younger candidates apply for the same postings.

In the meantime, try to keep up your computer skills especially using the Microsoft Suite for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. There are free online learning websites that offer tutorials in these areas along with others. One great website is GCFLearnFree where you can sign-up for free, browse the course categories, and take courses at your own pace. They offer courses on computers, reading, math, and social media to name a few.

Also, do some volunteer work which may lead to a possible job opportunity. Staying active each day in your job search is key even if you think it's been too long. Check-in with your network of contacts who may run across a job lead to let them know you are still seeking employment. Most importantly, stay positive in your job search.

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