Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

Uh Oh, here she goes with those Thursday Tidbits. Got some good ones for you! For starters, today is The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger's birthday. He turns 69 years old. Mick Jagger is pure rock and roll and the Stones have had one of the most successful music careers with albums and concerts. Fans just can't get enough. Happy Birthday Mick!

By the way, Rolling Stone magazine has a feature on their website of The 10 Coolest Summer Albums of All Time. There are some great picks and I think you will like the selections. Here are The Rolling Stones in Buenos Aires to a jam-packed crowd. Keith Richards jams the guitar and of course Mick Jagger is full of energy from one end of the stage to the next. Get some Satisfaction!

Lastly, the heatwave is sweeping across the nation once again. I tweeted earlier about wishing someone would pour cold water over me ~my energy-level is drained. All I can say is keep drinking water to stay hydrated. The water pitcher in the refrigerator is constantly being refilled;-)

Be careful with salty snacks that can be dehydrating like popcorn and chips. If you do have them as a snack, drink a tall glass of water to replenish the electrolytes our bodies need. Don't forget about cool watermelon for a summertime refresher ~either slices or chunks, it's all good!

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