Friday, July 27, 2012

Opening Day of the Summer Olympics

TGIF and its Opening Day of the Summer Olympics. The athletes have trained hard and the world is their stage. A few of my favorite events are track & field, gymnastics, and swimming. How about you, what are some of your favorites?

Speaking of sports, the Atlanta Braves open a three-game series today against the Philadelphia Phillies down at Turner Field. The Phillies have always been a rivalry so this series will be a good one. I suspect lots of red in the stadium worn by Phillies fans, but the Braves fans will be there too with the Tomahawk chop.

It's been a great week after that rough start on Monday for me. I got it together and moved right along at a steady pace. My workload has grown mainly with writing assignments. Here's to a good Friday for all of us and to knocking that to-list out of the ballpark ~Batter Up!


  1. Track and field for me too.

    Writing assignments? Good for you.

    1. Yay, you like them too;-) Yes, I am writing for an online mag for the Summer, but hope it continues beyond.

      I see your book cover is still developing, keep at it!