Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Motivation ~ Learning New Skills

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Back at Monday and looking forward to what lies ahead this week. Anybody working on something new either on your job or for those who work from home? One good idea is learning new skills especially during a slow period.

To jazz things up on-the-job, check to see if the company offers training courses in an area that could enhance your skills. If you want to be more tech-savvy, look for courses about editing websites, or advance your knowledge with Powerpoint and Excel. As co-workers take vacations, you may be asked to take on some of their work. It sure would help their inbox when returning from a week long vacation.

Check around the internet for free online courses that you can take in your downtime at work right at the workstation. Make sure to ask your supervisor if it's OK and explain the connection of learning new skills. For those who work from home and the assignments have slowed, this is a good time to enhance your skills in an area you've wanted to explore, but didn't have time.

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