Saturday, July 28, 2012

$2.50 for tap water? New ’water cafe’ riles critics

GOTTA READ THIS ->$2.50 for tap water? New ’water cafe’ riles critics via MSN
Come on, really! Just before sitting down at my laptop, I filled my glass with tap water. Oh, did I mention it was free. Now the story does say that this $2.50 tap water goes through a seven stage filtration process before its bottled. I don't have a filter on my water faucet, but read the "water quality reports" that arrive in the mail from the city. I hope they are monitoring for any impurities.

Would you pay $2.50 for this bottled tap water? Things sure are getting chic when a 'water cafe' pops up. I'll just drink water from the tap and enjoy it!

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