Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Shredder is a Must-Have

While talking with a friend last week, she mentioned an organizing project that she finally got the chance to start working on. It was old paperwork that needed to be tossed out. When we talked a few days later, she said "Oh, I'm making progress and now I'm tearing up the sheets of paper." I thought, by hand? I figured she had a shredder, but didn't. I volunteered to bring my shredder over to save time and make sure the information could not be pieced back together. If there is one thing to add in the home office, it's a shredder. There are many on the market, but the one that shreds papers into tiny pieces are best.

Protect yourself from identity theft when organizing paperwork and getting rid of old documents no longer needed. Always shred those junk mail credit offers that usually come with an application. Don't let those fall into the wrong hands, shred them to pieces.


  1. A shredder is absolutely necessary these days. I have one that I use periodically when I'm on my shredding projects. During these projects, I have to oil it every so often because it gets over heated.

    1. Hi Carmen, nice to see you and thanks for commenting on this post. I'm sure most people have shredders and I bet a long shredding project gives your shredder a workout :) Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  2. You're right, Carmen. Just like any office equipment, a shredder should be kept well-maintained by oiling the blades, though the frequency should also depend on how often we use it. I'm sure you experience paper-jam moments with your shredder, right? Cooling down the equipment and then putting it in reverse mode will help you take out the paper out of the machine easily.

    Ruby Badcoe